Whilst the Valet Key for the Aston Martin is more hardy, it is prone to not wearing as well, with collapsed rubber buttons, lost end caps, and overall wear and tear, it can stop working and/or look rather unsightly.

No matter how worn, or damaged, your Valet Key is, we can repair or replace it, no matter where you are, worldwide.

For customers with collapsed buttons, as they are integral to the shell itself, you will require a new shell, or we can upgrade your shell to accommodate the Glass Key Buttons, you can find out more here.

New Shell


New Internals

With Codes

£POA Depending on Region

New Fob

With Codes


New End Cap


New Battery


We also offer a wide range of popular Valet Key Upgrade and Personalisation Options, which mean your Valet Key will look as good as the car it starts, which you can find here.