Here at Aston Martin Key Repair we can not only repair your Aston Martin Key,
but also upgrade and personalise it.

Check out our services below to
see what we can do for you and your Aston Martin Key.


Aston Martin Glass Key Repair

Minor Glass
Key Repairs

From £150

Major Glass Key Repairs


Chrome / Metal


Replacement ECU Fobs

From £800

ECU Cage Repairs / Replacement

From £50

Valet Key Shells


Next Gen Fobs

From £800

ECU Button

From £50

Upgrades & Customisation

ECU Cage Respray


Colour Cage Respray

From £180

Cage Respray

From £230

Custom Finishes

From £225

Bespoke Designs

From £380

Valet Key Upgrades

From £180

Early Key Upgrades

From £90

Custom Early Keys

From £180

NextGen Colour Respray

From £250

NextGen Custom Respray

From £300

Bespoke Designs

From £380

Other Bespoke Work


If you cannot see something you would like to be done to your Aston Martin Key,
please get in touch and we will almost certainly be able to assist you
in creating a custom car key for your Aston Martin.