Welcome to Aston Martin Key Repair,
the worlds first and only full
Aston Martin Key Repair & Personalisation Service

Whether you have the early ‘Volvo’ Style Fob with ‘Ford’ Style Key,
later and iconic Valet & Glass ECU, or the latest generation remote fob,
Aston Martin Key Repair can upgrade and/or modify your key
to match your vehicles colour, with carbon fibre effect,
or a completely bespoke design.

Here at Aston Martin Key Repair we pay attention to the finest details.
This ensures that should we modify your key
we guarantee full key functionality and operation.

A Custom Car key with Aston Martin Key Repair will retain all its original functionality.
We work within fine tolerances to ensure that, for example, your ECU Glass or Valet Key
will properly insert and eject from the slot on your dash board.

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