The early Aston Martin remote fob has always been ridiculed for its almost unashamedly Volvo origins. With older worn fobs clearly showing the Volvo logo on the rear behind the peeling leatherette cover and the clear Volvo’esque look of the fob itself.

Replacement Volvo Style Fobs

Our customer in the UK felt the very same about their Volvo era fob and contacted us to see what options were available.

After running through the options of refinishing their existing fob, undertaking the ‘Jaguar Fob’ upgrade, and going to the latest Glass ECU, they settled on this and a stock one finished in Carbon Fibre Effect.

The results were impressive, transforming a dull looking Volvo-like key into something special.

If you would like us to upgrade your Volvo Era Fob to the Glass ECU Key and/or customise the Aston Martin Glass Key, please get in touch, or visit our Shop.