Q. Where should I send my key?
A. Please visit our Contact Us page for shipping instructions.

Q. How long does your service take?
A. It can take up to two weeks (depending on our workload), for more complex/bespoke designs this may take longer.

Q. I am not from the UK, can you still customise / personalise / repair my key?
A. We have customers Worldwide so we can customise / personalise / repair your key no matter where you are from.

Q. How can I pay for my key?
A. We accept bank transfer and PayPal, details are on our invoice.

Q. How do I know my key will be safely received and returned?
A. We recommend our customers send their keys via recorded post/courier and we always acknowledge receipt of your key. When we return your personalised key, we use fully insured and tracked services through reputable couriers.

Q. I would like a bespoke design for my Aston Martin Key, can you do this?
A. Yes, we can do anything. Designs we have done in the past include National Flags, Carbon Fibre Effects, Special Edition versions, and a special one-of ‘Bond’ Design.

Q. Can you provide me with replacement keys / fobs?
A. Yes, we can provide you with new keys and / or fobs with the relevant programming codes for your local Aston Martin Dealer to program for you.

Q. How easy is it to replace the Glass ECU Key Battery?
A. It is relatively fiddly compared to some other keys. We can do this for you, see link to our shop here, or you can do it yourself, you can find our video tutorial here.

Q. Will the modifications affect the operation of my key in any way?
A. No. Unless we are repairing or replacing the internals of your key, we will not do anything on that side of things. If you ask us to undertake a battery change this will also not affect your key.

Q. Is your Carbon Fibre Upgrade Real Carbon Fibre?
A. Yes! Unless you opt for our Carbon Fibre Effect, our Carbon Fibre Upgrade is Real Carbon Fibre.

Q. Do you offer a Warranty?
A. Yes, we offer a 12 month Warranty on all work we undertake on your key/fob. Unless we have specifically repaired / replaced your internals we do not include this in the Warranty for obvious reasons. A battery change will not mean we then cover your keys internals as a part of our Warranty, only the battery would be covered.

Q. Is my Data secure?
A. Yes. We only use your data for processing your orders and for communicating with you directly. We do not sell on or otherwise distribute your data, which is held securely off line. Whilst we do not need to be registered, with the UK Information Commissioners Office, we have voluntarily registered with the ICO (reference number A8773999).

Q. Do you repair / personalise other car key brands?
A. Yes! We set up our sister site Phoenix Bespoke Keys for all non-Aston Martin Keys.

Q. Are you affiliated in any way with Aston Martin?
A. No, we are entirely independent from Aston Martin. However we modify and personalise genuine Aston Martin Components. Our Replacement Glass End Pieces are a combination of genuine Aston Martin Glass End Pieces and our bespoke high quality replacement end pieces.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us