The Aston Martin Glass Key is a piece of automotive jewellery. It is still one of the most impressive car keys in the world.

However, whilst it is impressive, it is also fragile and well renowned for the stunning glass end piece breaking.

No matter what damage has befallen your Aston Martin Glass Key, Aston Martin Key Repair can resolve it. If you have destroyed your key completely, lost it, and/or require a new one, we can meet your needs, wherever you are, worldwide.

Until our launch in 2017, Aston Martin owners who damaged their glass key were faced with no option but to buy a new key from Aston Martin or at very least a replacement black plastic element with glass end piece costing in excess of £550.00GBP in the UK and usually notably more worldwide.

With Aston Martin Key Repair however, we have changed things. Having spend months on R&D we have perfected the creation of replacement Crystal Glass End Pieces with the Aston Martin Logo behind, and launched our Worldwide repair service, costing notably less than any other options.

It is not only the Crystal Glass End Piece that breaks however. With age the Lexan Black Plastic Cage loses its lustre and the thin lacquer layer reveals a dull easily scratchable plastic which is far less attractive. Additionally dropping the key resulting in the broken end piece also causes breaks in the plastic resulting in lost buttons, and damage to the polished metal surround. All of which ruins the aesthetics of a would be stunning key which starts the iconic Aston Martin.

If you cannot see something you require, please contact us.

We also offer a wide range of popular Glass Key Upgrade and Personalisation Options, which mean your Aston Martin Glass Key will look as good as the car it starts, which you can find here.