Onyx Black Aston Martin Glass ECU Key

When our customer came to us with issues with both their Glass and Valet ECU Key, of course we were willing to help.

Their Glass ECU Key had a broken cage element and the logo behind the glass was looking rather worse for wear, in addition to the fact the key was getting stuck in the ignition slot and not operating fully.

Their Valet Key had a missing end piece and was also not working.

Having resolved the issue with the Valet Key and put a new end cap on with AM Wings Logo, we focussed on the Glass ECU Key.

Replacing the damaged black cage, we then refinished it in Onyx Black to match our customers car. We fitted the new internals with codes ready for programming by the dealer and replace the AM Wings Logo behind the Glass.

The overall effect was a stunning Glass ECU Key ready for programming and a refreshed Valet Key with AM Wings Logo. Check out the results below:

If you would like Phoenix AMKR to repair and/or personalise your Aston Martin Key, please get in touch.