The very special Zagato variants of Aston Martins iconic sports and supercars
deserve an equally special fob.

Here at Phoenix Bespoke Keys, we design bespoke fobs to complement the colour combinations and tastes of our distinguished Aston Martin owner customers.

Every Limited Edition Aston Martin Zagato Key is colour matched exactly to your vehicles paint code and each one features that Iconic Zagato Logo and/or Aston Martins Wings Logo.

We break every key down into specific components, making the key truly bespoke with almost unlimited variants available.

Starting with the Black Cage Element of your key. This we colour match exactly to your Zagato, using only genuine Aston Martin paint sourced directly from Aston Martin, as well as have the iconic ‘Z’ on either face of the fob.

Moving on to the Glass End Piece (for the ECU Fob and Designer Fob), we can either leave this standard, or replace the AM Wings logo with the Zagato Logo on its own or incorporated into the model logo for your car.

The metal surround to your key we can again leave as standard, gold plate it, or for that touch of opulence replace it with a solid gold surround.

As all Aston Martins come with the Plastic Valet Key, we can also match this to your vehicle and offer a unique suite of upgrades so it is more befitting of the special car it starts.

If you would like us to upgrade / supply special keys for your special Aston Martin,
please get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements.